HR4000 Wideband Twin Head Resaw

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Wideband Twin Head Industrial Resaw
Ultra-fast size changes and wideband performance.
  • Feed speeds up to 60 m/min.
  • Compatible for blades up to 125 mm.
  • Heavy duty construction for high strain sawing
  • Electronic cut size control
Description HR4000 Wideband Twin Head Resaw

The TITAN HR4000 Twin Head Resaw offers ultra-fast size changes during the resawing process. As little as 0.3 seconds is needed to change the size for each and every sideboard (depending on thickness), even when feeding at over 20 pieces per minute (depending on board length). As a result optimal recovery is achieved, unlocking extra product that previously would have gone to waste.

Importantly, no sorting of material is needed prior to this machine. With its large 100 - 125 mm (4-5 inch blades), the TITAN HR4000 model is capable of faster feed speeds, thereby offering higher production capacity. By using a Twin Head configuration, it is possible to make two cuts into each sideboard with only one pass.

• Feed speeds up to 60 m/min
• Compatible for blade sizes: 100 or 125 mm
• Throat width 430 mm
• Single or twin-head configurations
• Electric servo sizing system for fast size changes – under 0.3 seconds! (depending on thickness)
• Heavy duty slatt-chain feed with variable speed
• Powered hold-down rollers on both the in- and out-feeds for fast, accurate material feed
• Robust TITAN headrig column for high strain, high speed sawmilling
* available in single or twin head configurations

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Specifications HR4000 Wideband Twin Head Resaw
Power Selections
Power Selections 22kW electric
30kW electric
Cutting Capacities
Max Cant Width .42m (16 1/2")
Min Cant Height Min - 15 mm (5/8”)
Max Cant Height Max - 320mm (12.6”)
Blade Tension System Hydraulic with spring (airbag optional)
Blade Wheel Width 100mm (4")
Blade Wheel Diameter 950mm (37-7/16")
Blade Wheel Type Crowned Steel Wheels
Blade Width 100mm (4")
125mm (5")
Head Features & Options
Head Up/Down Electric servo sizing system
Number of available cutting heads Single / Twin / Multi-head
Controls Configuration Standalone Control Station
Feed System & Operation
Feed Speed Electronic variable feed speed control
0 - 60m/min (motor and blading dependant)
Feed Motor 1.5kW (2HP)
Material Hold-down Powered Pneumatic Hold-down Rollers
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