BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

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Entry-Level Sawmill Blade Sharpener
Designed for hobbyists and sawyers in rural areas, the BMS25 runs on a 12V battery and is able to sharpen a variety of blade profiles at a rate of 30 teeth per minute.
Description BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
Keep your sawmill blades sharp with the entry-level BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener! The BMS25 runs on a 12V battery and can sharpen a variety of bandsaw blade profiles at a rate of 30 teeth per minute which is up to 5 times as fast as comparable sharpeners. The index arm automatically advances the sawmill blade as the grinding wheel sharpens the face and gullet of each tooth. The index arm also has a jog feature to advance the blade manually for easy set-up. The blade support arms feature a smooth ride and steady support to ensure consistent sharpening quality throughout the length of the blade. The BMS25 is built in the USA and comes complete with a 137mm grinding wheel, wheel shaping tool, 10/30 blade profile cam, and an adjustable stand while the battery is sold separately. When sawmill blades need to be sharpened on-site in rural areas, the BMS25 can connect to a 12V DC battery of a sawmill, truck, tractor or other automotive-style batteries that are able to maintain a 10-amp load. In addition, the sturdy stand includes 30mm diameter pipe legs for durability and a wide base for extra-stability. Stay sharp for less with the BMS25 bandsaw blade sharpener that is backed by the same legendary service, quality and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment.
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Features BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

Specifications BMS25 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener
Power Selections
Grinding Motor 0.1 kW
Features & Operation
Wheel RPM 3700
Grinding Wheel Size 127 mm (5")
Blade Widths 25 - 38 mm (1” - 1 1/2”)
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