Easy on the Environment

Wood-Mizer is a company with humble beginnings and a strong sense of stewardship. The company’s co-founders established a culture of taking care of our customers, the industry, our worldwide neighbors, our beliefs, and our environment. In short, we founded and cultivated a philosophy of doing the right things for the right reasons. As we move forward, Wood-Mizer stays sensitive to our small role as stewards of our home here on Earth.

A new introduction to the sawmill industry by Wood-Mizer was the use of thin blades to cut timber. This is called "thin-kerf", kerf being the amount of wood removed by the blade. Conventional circular mills use thick blades that remove up to a quarter inch of wood every pass. (In the diagram to the right, see how thin the kerf is from Wood-Mizer blades on the log to the left, compared to the conventional kerf on the right!) Wood-Mizer ultilizes blades that only remove less than 2.5mm (1/10th")! A Wood-Mizer sawmill will produce (on average) about 20% more boards per log than circle mills, giving you more product from your log supply.

Wood-Mizer and their thin-kerf portable sawmills provide tangible environmental benefits:

  • More Accurate Boards - Less Sawdust
  • Lower Power Required - Less Fuel
  • Smaller, Stronger Engines - Less Emissions
  • Hundreds of sawmill donations to missionaries
  • Educational programs through training events
  • Portability - Smaller roads, less waste
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