SlabMizer MB200 Slab Flattener

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Wood Slab Flattening Machine for Wide Slabs, Burls, and Boards

Slab flattening mill with 1.4m wide (1.8m option coming soon) x 203mm thick x 3.4m long capacity, powered cutter head directional controls with variable feed speed, 127mm cutter head with five carbide knives, and orbital sanding head attachment.

  • Built in the USA
  • 2-Year Warranty
Description SlabMizer MB200 Slab Flattener

The SlabMizer MB200 Slab Flattener efficiently surfaces and flattens wood slabs, boards, burls, cookies, and other wide material with minimal labor. Compared to a traditional router or planer, the SlabMizer flattens wider and thicker material up to 1.4m  wide and 203mm thick in less time using powered cutter head directional controls with variable feed speed. For larger capacity, 1.5m table extensions can be added to extend the material length and a 1.8m  width option is coming soon.



Material is secured on the heavy duty, welded steel frame by 4 adjustable clamps. To adjust the cutting depth, a hand crank located on the top of the cutter head is adjusted from 0.4mm to 3mm in 0.4mm increments. The cutter head is engaged and operated by a powered control console that can be used from any side of the machine or detached from the stand for handheld use. Powered controls include on/off, variable feed speed, and a joystick direction control for the X, Y, and Z axis for finishing material with or against the grain. The cutter head can also be operated manually with a handle. Once both sides of the slab are surfaced, fine finishing is accomplished by using the 178mm  orbital sanding head attachment for the desired finish. Dust from the operation is easily removed with a 90mm diameter extraction port on top of the cutter head that can be connected to a dust extraction system.

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Specifications SlabMizer MB200 Slab Flattener
Power Selections
Power Selections 3HP Electric 1-Phase 220V, 30A
Material Capacities
Max. Material Thickness 200mm (8")
Min. Material Length 56 cm (22")
Max. Material Length 3.4 m or Longer with Optional 1.5 m Extensions
Min Depth of Cut 0.4 mm (1/64")
Max Depth of Cut 3 mm (1/8")
Machine Dimensions & Requirements
Cutter Head 127 mm with Five 4-Sided Carbide Knives (15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm - R150)
Sanding Head 178 mm Orbital with Hook/Loop Paper
Cutter Head Speed 5,500 RPM
Feed Motor Motor, 1/6HP 90RPM 230V 3PH 19:1 Gear
Sawdust collection port diameter 90mm (3-1/2")
Options Optional 1.5 m Modular Table Extensions
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